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< Ichiro's Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve Isawa 10 year old - 石和 10年シングルモルト >
Whisky: Ichiro's Malt Wine Wood Reserve
Age: NAS
Type: Single malt
Strength: 46%
Distillery: Chichibu Distillery - 秩父蒸留所
Country: Japan
Date: 31-03-2013
Nose: Gentle, sweet, fruity, grapes, some faint nuts.
Flavour: A little sweet, some nuts, some oil, a little spicy, fruity, some pgrapes, some wood.
Body: A bit creamy, full, round, finishes dry.
Comments: Ichiros was yet again able to put a smile on my face with this one.
Rating: ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++-- ---- ---- (7.5)
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