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Compass Box
Whisky: Compass Box Great King Experimental Batch 00-V4
Age: NAS
Type: Blend
Distilled: 03-09-2013
Bottle #: 2473/3439
Strength: 43%
Distillery: Unknown
Bottler: Compass Box Delicious Whisky Ltd.
Country: Scotland
Date: 15-11-2013
Nose: Gentle, tropical fruitiness, a hint of sherry, a hint of dry earth.
Flavour: Fruity, a hint of wood, a little sherry, a little fennel, slightly dusty.
Body: Slightly fat, a little thick, dry finish.
Comments: An easily drinkable whisky. Exactly what it's supposed to be.
Rating: ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ +++- ---- ---- ---- (6.75)