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Whisky: Springbank 1989-1999
Age: 9 years
Type: Single malt
Distilled: 12-1989
Bottled: 04-1999
Cask #: 1828
Strength: 46%
Distillery: Springbank Distillery
Bottler: Murray McDavid
Country: Scotland: Campbeltown
Date: 27-07-2002
Nose: Flowers, a little sour, modly.
Flavour: Flowers, a trace of peat, sweet after, some oilyness in the background.
Body: A sharpness moving from the back of your mouth to the front where it disappears. Stimulating in the back. A bit dry all around. Last reasonably long.
Comments: It may be young but it's still a springbank, although you can't say it's a typical one.
Rating: ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++-- ---- ---- (7.5)