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Glen Garioch
Whisky: Glenn Garioch 23 year old
Serie: Small Batch
Age: NAS
Type: Single malt
Strength: 54,4%
Distillery: Glen Garioch Distillery
Bottler: William Cadenhead Ltd.
Country: Scotland: Highlands
Date: 14-11-2015
Nose: Grain, sherry, citrus, oranges, raisins.
Flavour: Sweet, sherry, raspberries, raisins, wood, beautiful pepper, light chocolate, tannins, a hint of oranges, unripe honey melon, short finish.
Body: Greasy, pleasantly rough, pleasantly warm on the cheeks.
Comments: A feast for your mouth though I wish wasn't one with a curfew,
Rating: ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ---- ---- (8)
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