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Whisky: MacDuff 1990-2002
Serie: Cooper's Choice
Age: 11 years
Type: Single malt
Distilled: 1990
Bottled: 2002
Strength: 43%
Distillery: MacDuff Distillery
Bottler: The Vintage Malt Whisky Co. Ltd.
Country: Scotland: Highlands
Date: 22-11-2003
Nose: Stale, salt, sour.
Flavour: Rancid, stale, fatty.
Body: Dry at the tip of your tongue, pleasant at the back of your mouth. Slightly fatty, lasts faintly for quite some time.
Comments: Reminded me of an old, slightly damp, fungi infested cellar. Quite a unique taste, which takes some getting used to.
Rating: ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ +++- ---- ---- ---- (6.75)
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