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Compass Box
Whisky: Compass Box Flaming Heart
Serie: Limited release range
Age: NAS
Type: Single malt
Bottle #: FH16MMVI
Strength: 48,9%
Distillery: Compass Box Delicious Whisky Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 03-03-2007
Nose: Red fruit, faint, a hint of smoke, a little darkish.
Flavour: Sal ammoniac, spices, vanilla, some peat.
Body: Oily, slightly dry, has a calm reasonably lasting finish.
Comments: Because there are no surprises after the first sip, it's not very exciting. Still a pleasant Compass Box though.
Rating: ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ +--- ---- ---- (7.25)
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